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: K1697

: Eastern Art

: painting

: Chinese painting, ink on paper, mounted on card. 2 boney horses of archaic aspect, 5.25 seals (1.25 of them can not be identified): ? Two confronted dragons; Shen Pin (神品), the seal of famous Ming Dynasty collector Xiang Yuanbian (1525-1590) who lived in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province; Bei Yan Zhang shi Jiacang (北燕张氏家藏), "the North state of Yan (in Liaoning Province), collected by Mr Zhang. The seal of Mr Zhang Jin Jie Nu of the Yuan dynasty, an official who gave many paintings to the royal family; Shangqiu Song shi Shoucang Tushu (商丘宋氏收藏图 书) "collected by Mr Song in Shangqiu City " (Song Luo (1634-1714) from Shangqiu, Henan Province who was a court official during the reign of Kangxi. He worked in Henan, Jiangsu Provinces and Beijing. Note by JY: Zhang's name sounds Mongolian as it includes Nu. Other seals illegible.

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: The Schiller Collection

: China, Eastern Asia, Asia


: 1770-1800

: China, Eastern Asia, Asia

: 1770-1800

: Qing dynasty, Qianlong - Jiaqing reign (1736-1820)

: [Book] Wilson, A. D. 1965. Japanese Prints.

: Bequest of F P M Schiller, 1946