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: K2611

: Eastern Art

: painting

: Chinese mountain-and-water painting, screenfan mounted as album leaf (?), ink & green & tan on unsized silk. Landscape, clump of trees above houses in foreground, separated by water from village on wooded promontory. This work was a gift for Shi Bian (施辩). Wang Taichang (王 太常) is Wang Shimin (王时敏), a famous painter of the Qing Dynasty. Taichang (太常) is his official position, so people call him Wang Taichang. The eleventh brother means that Zifeng is the eleventh boy in his immediate family. Daren is a honorific. Inscription on mount: Sir (teacher) Shi Bian, a fine thing for you to enjoy, presented by Republic of China Situ Wei(施辩先生清玩,中华司徒卫敬赠. Inscription on painting: Imitating Wang Taichang’s style to meet the asking of the eleventh brother Zifeng Daren. Please correcting (拟王太常 法以应子凤十一兄大人之属即正). Signed by younger brother Lu Weisheng (弟陆微生) with his seal: Qin Bo (琴伯).

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: China, Eastern Asia, Asia


: 1800-1899

: China, Eastern Asia, Asia

: 1800-1899

: Qing dynasty (1644-1911)

: [Book] Wilson, A. D. 1965. Japanese Prints.

: Given by Arthur K Sabin, 1956