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: N7427 A

: Eastern Art

: painting & calligraphy

: Chen, Shun

: Album fold card + paper. One side: ink calligraphy, 6 colours, 2 seals of artists. Other side: Peony, colours, Inscription (upper part): Blooming peonies allow Luoyang city in spring to be magnificent. I painted carefully in order to keep their romantic charm permanently. Because I knew she would soon be withered (洛下花开日,妆成富贵春。独怜凋落易,为尔贮丰神). This is a poem for painting signed by Bai Yang shanren (白阳山人) (pseudonym) Chen Chun (陈淳) (1485-1544) with his two seals 'Chen Chun Zhi Yin (陈淳之印) (Seal of Chen Chun)' and 'Chen shi Daofu (陈氏道复) (Daofu of the House of Chen)'. Inscription (lower part): Peony painting with Chen Chun's two seals that same as those on upper part. 2 collector's seals: 'Xiang Xing Zhai Jianshang Zhang (项省斋鉴赏章) (appreciating seal of the Xiang Xing Zhai studio' - a scholar's studio)' and 'Nanhai Chong Fu Xiang Xin Tian Cang Shuhua Zhang (南海宠福祥心田藏书画章) (calligraphy and painting collection seal of 'Xin Tian's' (? possibly a nick-name or given name) 'Chong Fu Xiang' (studio?) in south sea)'. Note by JY: The form is correct and Chen Chun was good at painting flowers however we don't know if it is an original Ming dynasty work. There are other examples e.g. in British Museum 1981,1110,0.1 where the calligraphy is better. Chen Chun (Dao Fu) was from a small town called Wu xian in Jiangsu Province.

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: China, Eastern Asia, Asia


: 1500-1530

: China, Eastern Asia, Asia

: 1500-1530

: Ming dynasty (1368-1644)

: Purchased, 1965, with the assistance of the National Art Collections Fund