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: K1064

: Fine Art

: painting

: The Artist and her Mother

: SHARPLES, Rolinda

: a framed oil painting on canvas, showing: a three-quarter length self-portrait sitting at an easel, with the artist's mother standing and looking on; the artist is supporting her right hand as she paints with a mahlstick, from the Dutch 'maalstok', meaning a 'paint stick' which has a leather ball on the end to prevent damage to the painting; this work is recorded in Rolinda Sharples's diary (copied by her mother into her diary), "Commenced the picture of myself at the easel and mamma looking on ..." (March 1816)

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: City of Bristol Collection

: 1816

: 1816

: [Book] Quick, Richard. 1910. Catalogue of the Sharples Collection of Pastel Portraits and Oil Paintings. 1. 32.

: [Book] Knox, Katharine M. 1930. The Sharples: their Portraits of George Washington and his Contemporaries. 1. 134.

: Purchased, 1931