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: K2081

: Fine Art

: drawing/watercolour

: Pestilence

: BLAKE, William

: a framed watercolour drawing on paper, showing: an illustration of the story from Exodus IX : 10 which recounts the plague of boils, one of the Ten Plagues of Egypt - "And they took ashes out of the chimney, and stood before Pharaoh, and Moses sprinkled it in the air; and there came boils with swelling blains in men and beasts."

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: circa 1795-1800

: circa 1795-1800

: [Book] Humphreys, Richard, et al. 2012. Treasure Island : British Art from Holbein to Hockney.

: [Book] Myrone, Martin & Concannon, Amy. 2019. William Blake.

: Given by the Friends of Bristol Art Gallery, 1949.