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: K2406

: Fine Art

: painting

: Portrait of Mrs Ellen Sharples

: SHARPLES, Rolinda

: a framed oil painting on canvas, showing: Ellen Sharples (nee Wallace, 1769-1849), mother of the artist, drinking tea at a table - although there are also two coffee cups on the japanned tray; this painting may be the one occasionally referred to in Ellen Sharples's diary between 1813 and 1814, "... Rolinda commenced a second picture of myself, large as life, kit kat size; she, now much improved in painting, having become discontented with the one executed in January ..." (November 1813), and "Rolinda finished my portrait." (January 1814)

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Gallery 7

: City of Bristol Collection

: circa 1814

: possibly 1814

: Bequest of Mrs Hunt, 1911.