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: N8274

: Applied Art

: jar & cover

: Large earthenware jar and lid. The jar is baluster shaped and has a bowl shaped lid with an acorn shaped knop. The ground is white and it is painted in coloured enamels of greens, pinks, yellows, blues and oranges. There are green painted palm trees around the base of the jar. above are festoons of leaves and flower sprays. The festoons hang from a deep border of orange with green scrolling patterns. On this border there is a central reserve with a circular flower reed, basket of flowers, a staff and rake. The festoons and orange border is repeated on the cover. The top of the knop is orange.

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Gallery 1

: City of Bristol Collection

: Bristol Pottery: Ring & Carter

: Bristol, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe


: 1802