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: N3247

: Applied Art

: punch bowl

: Tin-glazed earthenware punch bowl. The bowl has lightly sloping sides rounding under to foot ring. It is painted in blue, manganese, white on pale bluish glaze and has a tan edge. Inside there is a flower spray with hatched leaves and petals within a bsb ogee-shaped outline; there is a broad bsb border of two motifs of a fan amid scrolling leaf stems and two leaf flourishes. Outside there is a chinoiserie landscape including a square building, a willow tree on rock, a pagoda, a bamboo tree with cracked-ice fences, a sprouting rock and a smaller motif of a sprouting rock.

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: Sir Gilbert Mellor collection

: London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe

: Lambeth High Street (probably)

: 1745-1760

: [Citation] English Delftware in the Bristol Collection. 16.6.

: Sir Gilbert Mellor bequest, 1947.