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: N6739

: Applied Art

: dish

: Tin-glazed earthenware dish. The dish is Britton shape I. It is painted in blue, red, green on a white glaze with a pinkish tinge on the back. In the centre is a long-tailed bird perched on a spindly twig arching up from a red-flowered bush. There are fern-like leaves, one insect all within double blue lines. The border pattern extends over the flange, on the well and outer third of the centre. The blue ground reserving seven panels each contain a three-petalled red flower with three lots of three green rhomboidal leaves and a blue ferny stem.The panels are separated by a long fern-type leaf on a white ground, with an oval at the top containing an insect. There are sgraffitto scrolls and medallion reserves containing red frondy flowerheads and a blue line inside the rim. There are underrim markings: ' /// o /// o /// '. The footrim is pierced with 2 later holes for hanging and a twisted metal suspension loop.

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: Bristol, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe


: 1730

: [Book] Britton, Frank. 1982. English Delftware in the Bristol Collection. 3.4.

: Bequest of Joseph Stone Hodges, 1961.