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: Na2115

: Applied Art

: dish

: Tin-glazed earthenware dish. The dish is painted in blue,red,yellow and green on a pale bluish glaze. The painted design depicts an exuberant yellow-rimmed bulbous blue vase on a green foot between two yellow-breasted birds facing outwards. The vase is overflowing with flowers and prolific blue line foliage. There are red scrolls and around the well there is a simple cell border. On the flange there is a blue-dotted red trellis diaper reserving six round-ended panels containing Chinese symbols.There is a green leaf with red ribbon. Under rim there are three stilt marks.

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: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe

: \London\, \Bristol\ (made in London or Bristol)

: 1740

: Bequest of W.G.Cottrell through his daughters, Olive and Kathleen.