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: NX531

: Applied Art

: sampler

: Bristol Orphanage sampler. Red cotton on white cotton, the sides hemmed, top and bottom edges turned under twice and backstitched. Cross, four-sided stitches. Seventeen rows of lettering: 'A-Z' eleven times in different scripts; 'a-z' nine times; '1-9 0' seven times; 'I-X I-XCDM'; 'AF MJ'; line of rosettes with Bible in centre; six rows containing eighteen continous patterns; six rows of patterns each side of signature; across bottom, a row of spandrels; small motifs: flower vases, dogs, bird, crowns. Signed and dated at bottom centre.

On Display at M Shed, Bristol Life Gallery

: City of Bristol Collection

: Jeffries, Mary

: Bristol, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe


: 1867

: [Citation] Samplers in the City of Bristol Museum & Art Galler. cat.no 142.

: [Citation] Needlepoint Samplers. 29, illus.

: Acquired, before 1977