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: O.4257

: Numismatics

: token

: Copper coin (cartwheel penny) polished smooth and engraved on both sides with an inscription and embellishments. Thick lettering engraved with several lines per downstroke. Convict tokens engraved by the donor or by a professional convict, usually on the hulks or in gaol awaiting transportation. They were intended as a keepsake for the family or sweethearts of the transportee.

On Display at M Shed, Bristol Life Gallery

: Foliate wreath around edge JABEZ HILL / Tried April / * 4th * / Cast for Death / April 5th / 1820

: Foliate branch at bottom *** / My Mother / dear contented / be, we may again ea / ch other see, in hea / ven where there is no / pain, I hope we both / shall meet again / *******

: Hill, Jabez

: transportation

: Bristol, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe

: Possibly, but not definitely Bristol

: 1820

: [Book] Field, Michele & Timothy Millett Limited. 1998. Convict Love Tokens.

: [Thesis] Hopkins, Gillian H. 1997. An epitaph to a life lost, or a ticket to transportation? The Georgian love token.

: Purchased with the financial assistance of the Bristol Magpies