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: 73/027

: Applied Art

: dish

: Porcelain dish. It is a rectangular dish with cut corners, an oval well and it is press-moulded. It is painted in an underglaze blue (Delft) with a chinoiserie garden including a 'Two-level Fence and Rock' pattern. In the well of the dish there is a central hollow rock with a flowering peony tree on the right. On The left there is a zig-zag fence with upright posts and a second fence of the right as well as a flower spray. The central scene is framed by a diaper pattern of cross-hatching and flowers. The flange has painted flower sprigs.

On Display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Gallery 1

: 1754, circa

: [Book] Spero, Simon, 'Lund's Bristol and Early Worcester Porcelain 1750-58', cat.no 23.