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: Pump organ. Vox humana [a particular reed stop, named for its resemblance to the human voice]. Supplied by Jones & Co. Transfer reads ‘Choralion Organ / Jones & Co. / Bristol / Established 1858’. From Gellerman's International Reed Organ Atlas, by Robert F. Gellerman: 'John Jones & Co., 21-22 Bridge St Bristol. Maker of the Choralion Organ, available with one or two manuals or as a two-manual and pedal suction type American organ. In 1884 Jones patented a combined pressure and suction instrument, much like a large American organ in appearance. It had suction bellows at the top of the decorated case, and pressure bellows in the usual location for a harmonium. In 1885 a further patent reversed the arrangement with pressure bellows at the top. These instruments, called the Bristol organ, had separate sets of pedals for each bellows system and were available with one or two-manuals.'

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