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: TC2549.1

: Social History

: box

: Chocolate box,rectangular, commemorative design. The sides are covered with embossed gold paper. The lid is covered with a colour photograph print of Queen Elizabeth in blue dress and jewels with Prince Philip in Royal Military uniform. Within the box are two paper protectors and a plastic wrapper with a gold decoration. The box is filed with 50 chocolate of various sizes wrapped in gold foil. A slip of paper within the box reads 'These chocolates are made from the finest ingredients and are in excellent condition when they leave the factory...' The base of the box reads 'Fry's Assorted Chocolates. 1ib.net. Made in England. J.S.Fry & Sons Ltd., Somerdale, Bristol, England.'

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: Fry collection

: J. S. Fry & Sons Ltd.

: HRH Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II