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: 1997/129/026.a

: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Sculpture

: Large solid bronze replica of the image of the Prime Minister of Benin (Iyase). A framed description of the statue (1997/129/26b) gives this information: 'He is in full ceremonial regalia for the festival Igue which marks the end of the year. He is holding a sword (Eben) which reflects the authority of his chieftaincy title and is wearing beads around his chest and neck. On his bare body are tribal marks. On his head is a white flower (broken off the helmet). From the navel down is a white cloth apparel which gives a chieftaincy look.' There is a coat of arms on his skirt. A small plaque on the bottom of the skirt reads 'From KCOBA to Mr P H Davis. King's College, Lagos, Nigeria. Founded 1909'. Coral bead choker and other beads around neck. Three strings of glass 'coral' beads - red glass, imitation coral.Very heavy.

This object is in store, please contact the Museum to arrange to see the object.

: British Empire & Commonwealth Museum Collection

: Benin City, Nigeria, West Africa, Africa

: c.1980

: Benin, West Africa, Africa

: Nigeria, West Africa, Africa

: Kings College, Lagos

: Transferred from the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, 2012