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: 2000/037/052

: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Material/Textile

: Swahili textile from ?Tanzania /Tanganyika called 'Kanga'. Two parts, a and b. a) Cotton Kanga – yellow ground printed with 6 circular flower motifs in brown and red. Wide border which imitates Bandini which is Indian tie dyed pattening. Sole importers Cosata-Intrata Ltd “Deshn 025”. b)a rectangular printed cotton cloth. Yellow ground with 6 circular motifs in red and black. Wide black border with dagger and flower star design within a trellis. An outer border of red and yellow with dots and four petaled flowers. Made by Lakhshmi-Vishnu Kanga, India. Specially made for ‘Cosata – Intrata’ LCK365. Two panels with a yellow strip to cut. There is also small plastic bag of four offcuts from the Bandini boder.

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: British Empire & Commonwealth Museum Collection

: Tanzania, United Republic of (Tanganyika), East Africa, Africa

: Transferred from the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, 2012