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: W592

: Militaria

: firearm

: 1896 Lee Enfield Mark 1 Bolt-action magazine rifle. Round steel barrel, rifled, with a raised blade foresight and calibrated and adjustable rear sight graduated to 500 yards. Retained to the stock by 2 steel barrel bands, the rear band with a integral sling swivel, the forward band also forming the nose-cap with integral bayonet lug. Wooden three-quarter stock, the butt formed with a 'pistol grip'. Small separate hand-guard covering the top of breech. The underside of the butt with a sling swivel; Stamped with serial number 9257F. Brass butt plate and loop form trigger guard. Receiver ring stamped with Crown, Enfield 1896, L.E.1. Steel receiver with bolt action (missing), the left side stamped , together with the serial number 9257F. Removable magazine (damaged) with chain retainer. Swivelling magazine cut-off. 2-piece volley sight on left side of receiver - the rear part formed as a folding bar with peep-sight; the forward part with pivoting marker and calibrated dial.

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: Lee-Enfield

: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) / England, Northern Europe, Europe


: World War I

: 1897