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: Ea8184b

: Ethnography

: painting

: Copy of a wall painting from the small chamber Acanceh, Mexico. Pencil lines, watercolour. In three parts. a) There is a row of glyphs at the top of the mural and two fragments of glyphs on the west and east side of this portion of the mural. There is a pink border to the mural approx. 7cm. wide across the north side and down the west side. In the south is a narrow red line 2 cm. approx. wide. There is a central figure facing east (the head is missing) one arm is raised and the other pointing forward, both hands are missing. The legs are missing below the knee but the lines of the whole legs are pencilled in. The figure is in four shades of brown and does not appear to be wearing any garments. Fragments of brown, blue and yellow can be seen to the west of this figure and may represent more people. There is also a small circle of yellow with three blue shafts pointing north and one pink shaft pointing south. b) This portion joins to the right of section a) There are three fragments of glyphs to the north, one to the west and two more towards the centre of this section, together with fragments of buff and pink paint. To the east of this is a figure, large parts of whom are missing. His face is looking upwards and he wears an elaborate feather head dress, his collar is wide and decorated. Most of the lower part of the body is missing and only one foot shows. The wide pink border continues in north and red in S. c) This section joins to the right of b) It shows patches of green, pink, blue and brown, some glyphs, one complete brown leg and a feather headdress. The pink border continues in N. The red line is now two ones with yellow paint between. Transparent and opaque watercolour and graphite on tracing cloth

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: Breton Collection

: Acanceh, Yucatan, Mexico, Latin America / Central America, Americas

: small chamber

: Maya

: Breton, Miss Adela Catherine

: Acanceh, Yucatan, Mexico, Latin America / Central America, Americas

: Acanceh, Yucatan, Mexico, Latin America / Central America, Americas

: Structure 2 / small chamber

: 1907

: 600-700

: [Book] Miller, Virginia E. 1991. The Frieze of the Palace of the Stuccoes, Acanceh, Yucatan, Mexico.

: Given by Colonel Breton, 1923.