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: Ea8187a

: Ethnography

: painting

: Tracing of a painted relief. From painted stucco reliefs from the facade of a mound or pyramid at Acanceh, Mexico.Tracing in red ink. Figures 8-17 There are three rows of figures on this relief. Each row interlocks with the one above. Top row- Four bowls with balls of copal (von Winning) or grass ball for blood sacrifice (V. Miller) Second row - Four large figures approximately 670mm-790mm high. Third row - Five 400mm to 500mm figures. 8 Bat demon I / bringer of rain (von Winning); Leaf-nosed bat, associated with the Maya Underworld, human sacrifice and decapitation, with a scroll probably of blood issuing from mouth – possibly a human impersonator in bat costume (V Miller) 9 God N / God of the Underworld with cigar and speech scroll (von Winning); Howler monkey, with speech scroll issuing from mouth (V Miller) 10 Bat demon II / sacrifice (von Winning); Bird, wearing waterband necklace, knots may refer to blood sacrifice (V Miller) 11 serpent I Chichan rain snake with blood offering (von Winning); Rattlesnake with eccentric flint knife and human heart motif representing a blood offering (V Miller) 12 Young Maize god / God E as dancer (von Winning); Human figure, involved in blood sacrifice, holding incense bag and wearing a back ornament. He may hold a maize cob in his mouth (V Miller) 13 Squirrel II (von Winning); Rodent (V Miller) 14 Bird IV King Vulture / Blood sacrifice / bringer of rain (von Winning); Maya waterbird, with waterband necklace and speech scroll, possibly linked to the Maya Underworld (V Miller) 15 Jaguar II as decapitator / Human sacrifice (von Winning); Puma, with severed human head at its feet referencing blood sacrifice and death (V Miller) This tracing is very fragile, whenever possible see photograph Ea11102 of the same relief instead. Red ink on oil-impregnated tracing paper

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: Breton Collection

: Acanceh, Yucatan, Mexico, Latin America / Central America, Americas

: Palace of the Stuccoes

: Maya

: Breton, Miss Adela Catherine

: Breton, Miss Adela Catherine

: 600-900

: 1907

: 1907

: Late Classic

: [Book] Miller, Virginia E. 1991. The Frieze of the Palace of the Stuccoes, Acanceh, Yucatan, Mexico.

: [Book] von Winning, Hasso. 1985. Two Maya Monuments in Yucatan.

: Given by Colonel Breton, 1923.