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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Basden

: 2006/070

: Basden collection

: 1920s-1930s

: George Thomas Basden (1873-1944) was an Anglican missionary with the Church Missionary Society and worked in Nigeria from 1900 to 1935, originally being based in the south-east Nigerian town of Onitsha. He served as an Archdeacon on the Niger from 1925 to 1935. He combined his missionary work with his interest in anthropology, and published two books about the Ibo of Nigeria ('Niger Ibos' and 'Among the Ibo'). During his time in Nigeria he made a series of films about the Ibo which are held in this collection. Basden was also involved in colonial administration and in 1931 was appointed to the Nigerian Legislative Council as the representative of the Igbo people.This collection contains 10 reels of film taken mainly in Nigeria focusing on the Ibo people during the 1920s and 1930s.

Nigeria, England, Sierra Leone, Ghana

: 10 films

: Fonds


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