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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Jones

: 2003/174

: Jones collection

: 1900-c.1925

: Views taken in West Africa. This collection belonged to the donor's grandfather (died in 1981) who was a Colonial Civil Servant in West Africa from 1921 to 1938 firstly in Nigeria and later in Gold Coast The collection includes photographs attributed to J A Green (Jonathan Adagogo Green), born in Bonny in the Niger Delta in 1873. Jonathan Green died in 1905 but his photographic studios continued, run by relatives until the 1990s. As the first professional photographer of Nigerian birth, Jonathan Adagogo Green's photographic work shows that he was documenting two worlds, one, his own as an Ibani Ijo born into a trading family, and the other as the chief photographer for the British as they lay the foundation for the newly formed colony of Nigeria. Also included are postcards issued by Raphael Tuck & Sons (published for the Church Missionary Society, Lagos), Frank Peyton Ryff Co Ltd, Collection Generale Fortier (Dakar), and Sterling & Co. This catalogue was produced with support from the National Cataloguing Grants Programme for Archives

: 1 bundle

: Fonds


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