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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Marriott

: 1998/028/2/5

: Hong Kong Harbour

: 1903

: View over Hong Kong harbour looking across to Kowloon; an area known today as 'Admiralty'. Numerous vessels float in the harbour, including the triple-masted HMS Tamar, steamships, launches and Chinese junks. Original manuscript caption: "No. 7 Hong Kong 1903 Hong Kong Harbour and Kowloon from Hong Kong Island . Harbour 1 1/2 - 2 miles across. Kowloon side- on left of picture jetties where ocean steamers go along side- all P&O steamers berth here. On right of picture the Kowloon docks and ship building work- all Admiralty vessels docked here up to now- but now Admiralty dock building on Hong Kong Island. Hong Kong side- on left of picture Hong Kong Club (the hotel is about 1/4 mile from this) then Navy yard - ordnance stores etc. Harbour- the Roofed in ship with 3 masts in harbour is the HMS Tamar- the depot stop all round this are the moorings for the fleet- but in this view- the fleet are conspicous by their absence, there not being more than half a dozen here Note the large number of launches- all with white awnings on top on entrance right of picture two small junks lying together."

Hong Kong, China

: 1 photograph

: Item

: 1 sepia photograph

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