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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Marriott

: 1998/028/2/6

: Eastern part of Hong Kong Harbour

: 1903

: View over the eastern front of Hong Kong harbour, an area known today as 'Admiralty'. Original manuscript caption: "No. 8 Hong Kong 1903 View of Hong Kong of the Eastern part of the harbour, looking down about 200 - 300 feet. To eastern left of picture is Hong Kong Club (Synau Building) close to water edge- then two more large offices. Then to right of there New Admiral dock (in course of construction) and to right of this New Admiral works . There is a local agitation to get all these shifted from here- over to the Kowloon side-chiefly I think by people interested in prospects close by. Note HMS Tamar (roofed in with 3 masts) off end of new dock Note St John's Cathedral- with Synau Town, just inland to new dock (really 1/4 mile away and much higher up). Note dome just inland to HK Club of Hong Kong Shanghai Bank- and inland to this (near bottom of picture) Note roof of Governors residence & gardens To right hand bottom corner note white square areas- these are small service reservoirs for the town."

Hong Kong, China

: 1 photograph

: Item

: 1 sepia photograph

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