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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Winthrop

: 2001/243/1/1/3/1

: 14th Sikh Regiment of the Indian Army

: September 1919

: Group portrait of the Sikh officers and British captains of the 14th Sikh Group Regiment of the Indian Army. Multan, Punjab. Original manuscript caption: Jem. Sham Singh II -Sub. Dau Singh - Sub. Ghamma Singh - Jem Naud Singh - Jem. Sham Singh I - Jem. Mastan Singh - Jem. Bagh Singh - Jem. Diwan Singh I.O.S.M. Jem. Maghar Singh J.A. - Jem. Sapuram Singh - Capt. G.D. Pybus - Sub. Phuman Singh - Sub. Partab Singh I.O.M. - Capt. C.T.B. Church - Jem. Rallah Singh - Sub. Mewa Singh I.O.M. - Capt. H.V. Spautie M.C. Sub. Kehar Singh Bhdr. - Major G. Channer D.S.O. - Hon Capt. Baghwan Singh I.O.M., S.B. - Lt. Col. E.S. Earle - Sub. Maj. Sham Singh I.O.S.M., Bhr. - Capt. W.J. Crocker - Sub. Sant Singh, I.O.S.M. Sub. Amar Singh - Jem. Bogh Singh - Jem. Maghar Singh QMr - Sub. Nichal Singh - Jem. Man Singh - Sub. Sarmukh Singh. Multan ix/1919 14th (K.G.O.) SIKHS

Pakistan, India

: 1 photograph

: Item

: 1 b/w photograph with manuscript key glued to base. Some discolouration to the top of the image.

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