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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Winthrop

: 2001/243/1/1/3/87

: 14th Sikh Regiment of the Indian Army

: c. 1920

: The 14th Sikh Regiment pose for a group portrait on a rocky mountainside, dressed in full military uniform and equipped with hiking sticks. The image is undated but possibly dates from service in Mesopotamia at the end of WW1 or in the early 1920s. Names written on photograph: Top row: Sapuran Singh, Meslain Singh, Nand Singh, Maghar Singh I Belchamber, Slinn, Sham Singh, Sarumkh Singh, Puram Singh Middle Row: Dev Singbh, Jafar Shah, Hopley, Mewa Singh, Col. Talbot, Narain Singh, Crocker, Spaukie, Maqhar Singh II Seated Pybus, Belvant Singh. "Miss" [dog]

Pakistan, India, Iraq

: 1 photograph

: Item

: 1 b/w photograph

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