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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Winthrop

: 2001/243/1/1/3/88

: A garden party at Mianwali

: November 1920

: Group portrait of a number of Indian officials, accompanied by eight European guests at a garden party during an official visit of the Lieutenant Governor Edward Maclagan. Original manuscript caption: Garden Party - Mianwali - XI/20 Jaswair S. Jem: Mohomed Khan: Jem: Isher S. Sub: Fatteh S. Jem: Bhagat S: Jem: Bisher S:Sub Chattar S: Jem Kehar S: Jem: Dhaema S.B. Church: Sub: Puran S, Capt. H.V. Spaukie, MC., Jem: Thakur S, Capt. W.S. Crocker: Jem: Sunder S. Capt. Myers: Karlar S: Lt. J.C. Gordon, ? S: Lt. Col. H.F. Story: Sub Maj: Narain Singh M.C. ID.S.M: Major F.G. Swayne: Sub Bogh S: Capt. H.E. Winthrop: Sub: Maghar S:

Pakistan, India

: 1 photograph

: Item

: 1 b/w photograph

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