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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Robertson

: 2000/017/2/2

: Malaya Broadcasting Corporation radio programme scripts entitled 'Daily News Review'

: October-November 1941

: Scripts for programmes aired on 27 October - 28 November 1941. Including (NB these are filed in reverse date order): - October 27th by Leonard Mosley: First-hand account of his tour of Malaya's hidden airbases used by the RAF in fighting against the Japanese. Speaks of English superiority over Japan. - October 28th by Patrick Walton. Japanese soldiers crossed over the Manchuria / Russia border and exchanged fire with the Russians. Incident was denied in Tokyo. - October 30th by Robert Allington. Reports of Japanese reinforcements and supplies being sent to Indo-China. Allington believes Japanese are attempting to take the Burma Road. Stressing importance of the road to Allied troops via supply chains - November 3rd by Robert Allington. One thousand German nationals in Japan are to be evacuated immediately. Closure of trans-Siberian railway left them stranded in Asia rather than going to Germany. German nationals treated extremely well despite fears of the cost of their upkeep by Japanese government. Food shortages in Japan. - November 4th Unknown correspondent. Rescue of 600 RAF airmen from the seas around Britain and their return to active service. Praise for air sea rescue service. Details of how they operate to rescue those adrift after aircraft shot down. - November 7th Unknown correspondent. Analysis of recent speeches made by Stalin and President Roosevelt. Large loss of Russian armoured tank division. German army being beaten by Russian weather. - November 10th Unknown correspondent. Sinking of ten supply ships off the coast of Naples. Admiral Cunningham estimates 35-40% of Italian ships bound for North Africa are sunk by the Royal Navy. British have sunk one million tonne of Italian naval power. - November 11th by Patrick Walton. Japan's special envoy to the United States, Mr Kurusu, experiencing engine trouble at Midway Island. Analysis of recent speech made by Prime Minister Churchill. Japan wants settlement of the 'China Incident' by America. - November 14th Unknown correpondent. Commentary on the Dutch resistance to German Occupation. Three hundred Dutch Jews sent to Buchenwalde concentration camp. First hand account from escaped Dutch prisoners. - November 18th Unknown correspondent. Japanese negotiations with America. General Tojo's three point plan. Hostile attitudes from Asia and America. - November 19th by Patrick Walton. Promotion of British General Pownall to special appointment. Invasion of the continent the most important things in the minds of the British according to an opinion poll. English propaganda. - November 20th by Gallagher. First account of time with the Gurkha soldiers in Malaya. Traditional sacrifice before battle. - November 21st by Leonard Mosley. News from the Libyan frontier at Tobruk. How conditions are for the British soldiers there. British men in high spirits who will continue fighting even after being relieved. - November 22nd by Patrick Walton. British troops on the offensive against General Romel in Libya. Don't underestimate German forces. Updates of France, America and Italy. Allies on the offensive. - November 28th by O D Gallagher. Tank battles in Libya. Praise for British tank crews.


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