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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Robertson

: 2000/017/2/1

: Scripts for radio programmes entitled 'Miscellaneous Scripts'

: October 1939-March 1945

: File of scripts for radio programmes entitled 'Miscellaneous Scripts, January 1943 to March 1945, E.D. Robertson'. Including: - October 7th 1939 telegram to Kennard, British Ministry of Information, New Delhi. Shorthand telegram about Japanese advances. - December 17th 1942 telegram to Kennard, Ministry of Information, London. Fifteen Japanese planes shot down in Assam. Profiteers are not showing festive spirit. - October 9th telegram to Kennard. Shorthand note detailing events in Pacific theatre including advances of General Clayton Bissell of American Air Force towards Burma. - n.d., telegram to Kennard Ministry of Information. Shorthand note regarding riotous action in Calcutta, Madras and Delhi. - n.d., telegram to Kennard, Ministry of Information. Indian government announced civil defence organisation as part of their peacetime responsibility. Belief that organisation will help stop violence in the streets between police and locals. - n.d., telegram to Kennard, Ministry of Information. Japan/French Indochina trade pact signed on July 18th. Japanese broadcast in Pacific states 'we must sacrifice everything' to win war. - n.d., telegram to Kennard, Ministry of Information. Thai government passed law inducing forced labour in agricultural sector. Labour subject to martial law and fines. Malaria epidemic has spread throughout Thailand due to lack of medicine. - n.d., telegram to Kennard, Ministry of Information. Conference led by Doctor Ambedkar with regards to the labour problem. Promotes the importance of uniformity. Important to maintain good morale during war time. - 9th August 1942, telegram to Kennard, Ministry of Information. Police dispersed crowd and took possession of Bombay Congress House. - 10th August 1942, telegram to Kennard, Ministry of Information. Congress campaign hamstrung by police arrests. Bombay quieter after rioting. Most shops are closed by congress sympathisers as sign of solidarity. Labour protests and rioting throughout India major cities. - 11th July 1942 by Eric Robertson. Congress Working Committee has been meeting to finalise the political party’s general committee. Gandhi has stated that only through withdrawal of British power in India can they fully resist Axis power together. Congress Party of India distrusts British Government. - 12th December 1942 by Eric Robertson. First hand account from Chunking of the 8th Army Advancement into Libya and belief that the war will be resolved within a year. - 18th January 1943 by Eric Robertson entitled 'Far East Broadcasts' (Malay Commentary). Iraq has declared war on the Axis powers. Propaganda attacks against the Iraqi Royal Family causes outrage and resentment against the Germans and Italians. Until now Iraq only used as a supply base due to their oil fields. - 13th March 1945 by Eric Robertson entitled 'French Commentary'. French controlled Indo-China has become a battleground. Universal belief that Japan is close to defeat. Japanese forces retreating in the Pacific and Burma. - 23rd February 1945 by Eric Robertson to BBC London. Bombardment of Iowa Jima and Tokyo by Allied Forces. Analysis of Japanese Radio broadcast responses to the bombardment- confused. Iowa Jima an invasion springboard for Allies to attack Japan. - 10th March 1945 by Eric Robertson to BBC London. Japanese forces disarmed the armed forces and police of Indo- China government. Japan states that the military coup has been done only to help protect the borders of Indo-China from invasion.