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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Robertson

: 2000/017/2/10

: Singapore Free Press Newspaper Cuttings

: September-December 1941

: File entitled 'Newspaper Cuttings - Educational', 5th September - 19th December 1941. Including: - 5th December 1941. 'Admiral Tom Thumb' - Commander in Chief of the Eastern Fleet Tom Phillips is rumoured to be smallest Admiral in Britain. 'Bauxite Resources' - American Troops stationed in New Guinea to protect bauxite mines from the Axis. - 16th December 1941. 'Asiatics Commended for their Coolness' - Staff members of an office in Malaya celebrated for their demeanour in the midst of fighting. - 19th December 1941. 'A.R.P and you!' - Brief description of the new Air Raid Precaution and You series being broadcast. - 6th December 1941. 'Eastern Fleet at the Naval Base' - British warships are docked at the Singapore naval base ready if called to war in the Pacific. Details of their armaments. - 3rd December 1941. 'English Literature has Tradition of Liberty' -Analysis of some classic English works such as Shakespeare and Dickens, with the belief that because Britain is free it can absorb the best of European cultures. 'Eastern Fleet' - The Prince of Wales warship is docked at Singapore naval base and is believed will help turn the tide on naval superiority in the Pacific. 'China and Burma Railway Link' - Long term project for a railway link to be built through Burma to China not just for the war effort but to serve as a continuing link. It will be paid for by the British Government. - 1st December 1941. Shipbuilding' - New ships are being built in Singapore for the Eastern fleet, including minesweepers and torpedo boats. 'Small Ships make a Growing Navy' - Australia is building more ships to add to its Naval fleet. New programme calls for 50 new vessels by the end of 1942. 'Churchill's Greatness' - Brief background on Prime Minister Churchill for his birthday - 28th November 1941. 'Livintoff Due to Arrive Shortly' - Russian Diplomat Comrade Maximovitch Livinitoff due to visit Singapore. Brief history of his career. - 1st December 1941. 'Livintov on way to U.S' - Russian Diplomat Livintov due to visit Washington. - 25th November 1941. Japanese economic programme pushes out British trade interests in Thailand. Indo-China transformed into Japanese economic reservoir. - 26th November 1941. Shanghai's Record Year of Terrorism' - At least 25 people have been assassinated in Shanghai within the last year, including prominent Chinese and Japanese men. - 27th November 1941. Former legal advisor to Chinese government, Professor Jean Escara, due to visit Singapore to see modern China at war. - 14th November 1941. 'How U.S Policy has Changed in Two Years' -Analysis of change in American foreign policy between last world war and the current world war. - 11th November 1941. 'Road to Moscow One Vast, Soaked Sponge' - Russian winter getting the better of German troops advancement. - 10th November 1941. 'Inside Japan' - Updates on the lives of those in Japan, including food shortages and toy rationing. - 7th November 1941. 'Keeping Out Elephants' - Patrols enforced in Malaya in attempt to stop herds of elephants from destroying rubber estates. Patrols used as alternative to unnecessary shooting of the animals. - 6th November 1941. 'Muslims in the Balkans' - German occupation of Bulgaria and Romania has removed Muslims of their government rights and left them living in awful conditions. Agriculture in disarray. 'Spreading news in Tamil' - Report on the diversity of the people of Malaya and how news is spread to the different races and cultures. 'War-Time Activities of Malaya’s Dockyards' - Mobilization of Malayan merchant vessels into war ships as well as the building of new ships to create into a fleet. Shipbuilding programme has thus far cost $15,000,000. - 21st October 1941. 'Trade Unions' - New labour legislation implemented in Malaya. Trade Unionism being encouraged. 'Trade Unionism will be a Force in Malaya; Talk by Mr. Jordan' - Trade unions encouraged to register to demonstrate how important they are to the Malayan Government. Helps to improve the lives and standards of workers. - 30th October 1941. 'Burma Road Traffic Trebled in Six Months' - Director General of the Burma Road tells how the route is being used to increase the food going to those provinces lacking their own means of production to help solve malnutrition. - 15th October 1941. 'Inside Japan' - Updates on the lives of those living in Japan, including economy and agriculture. - 12th October 1941. 'Her Neighbours Hate Her with an Increasing Hate' - Revolutions spreading throughout occupied territories and the V for victory campaign is on the rise against the Gestapo. Stories of the underground resistance throughout Europe. - 24th September 1941. 'How Sarawak Came to have White Rajahs' - History of the Brooke family as the Rajahs of the independent nation under British protection for the 100 year anniversary. 'Sarawak' - How Sarawak has developed through 100 years of Brooke rule from rebellion to an independent country. - 20th September 1941. 'German Woman Author tells of Life in France' - First-hand account of German national living in unoccupied France since the outbreak of war. - 19th September 1941. 'Spitsbergen Occupied in Daring Expedition' - Canadian and British troops have occupied Spitsbergen, by Norway, and brought back several Norwegian miners and their families. Negotiations took place between the Canadians and Russians. Happy welcome from the residents. - 18th September 1941. 'Norway's Tanker Fleet Worth Million Men' - Norwegian Merchant Navy vital to keeping open supply lines from America in the Atlantic. Free Norwegians from all over the world go to Britain to become part of their military forces. - 9th September 1941. 'New Zealand Enters Third Year Well Equipped' - 308,000 people taking part in war services. Production focused on the war effort. Resources well supplied. - 5th September 1941. 'Empire Navies' - combined forces of Merchant Navies from throughout the British Empire and beyond crucial to maintaining superiority over the sea in all theatres of war. If the country has no navy of their own their sailors travel to Britain to help in the war effort. 'Brazil Rival to N.I Quinine' - Brazil rebuilding its Quinine industry to help fight against malaria.