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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Robertson

: 2000/017/2/11

: Radio Scripts - Various

: c.1941

: File of scripts for radio programmes, c.1941. Including: - 'Actuality Broadcast: Fishing' by Inche Ishak bin Ahmad. Different methods of fishing learned from a member of the Government Fisheries Department. A brief overview of the different types of traps used by Malay fishermen. - Script recapping on the main events in the past two years of war, including the occupation of Warsaw. - '1941 -A Radio Flashback'. Two shorter copies of radio play [another version appears in 2000/017/2/5] - 'By Clipper' read by Miss Simonson, 24th October 1941. Written in a letter format portraying a woman living in Australia and Singapore in war time writing to her friend in New York. Also mentions conditions in Malaya. Brief descriptions of Malayan life and the celebration of the founding of the Chinese Republic. - Various scripts for the Malaya Newsreel programme. Some of these are dramatized into play format. 'The Light that Failed' tells how a British bomber knocked out a Japanese searchlight by throwing a bottle out of the plane. 'Radio Links of Friendship' is an interview with Lieutenant Eric Cleuver of Dutch East Indies Air Force, and compares radio broadcasts in the Dutch East Indies with those in Malaya. 'Inspiration A La Carte' is a dramatization of American musician Billy Hill and his inspiration for music and in particular the song Call of the Canyon. 'Irish and Proud of it Too' is story of Irishman John Lynton, who escaped from a torpedoed ship in the Atlantic and took control of the lifeboat until help was found. 'Film News Reporter' gives a brief overview of two new films' 'My Life with Caroline' and 'The Night of January 16th'.


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