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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Robertson

: 2000/017/2/5

: Experimental Broadcasts to Schools by Malaya Broadcasting Corporation

: October-November 1941

: Scripts for Malaya Broadcasting Corporation radio programmes entitled 'S.B. Scripts - English', 23rd October - 20th November 1941. Including: - 20th November 1941 narrated by Michael Miles, produced by Peggie Broadhead and entitled 'History; David Livingstone'. Biography of Livingstone's life and how he ended up as a medical missionary in South Africa, dramatized as a play. Livingstone involved in a lion attack in Africa and hailed by the natives for killing it. Helped to map the central part of South Africa for trade routes. Discovery of Victoria Falls. Disappeared for years while mapping Northern Africa. - 15th November 1941 entitled 'The Spirit of England' and including poems recited by Laurence Olivier. Extracts of English Literature including William Blake and Robert Browning. Analysis of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Stuart Wilson's song 'You Spotted Snakes'. History of Oliver Cromwell's rule over England. Moves on to the 18th century and the Napoleonic Wars. Cuts between extracts of literature and their analysis. - 30th October 1941 arranged by Peggie Broadhead, narrated by E Robertson entitled 'Scenes from Julius Caesar'. Act 4 Scene 3 of Julius Caesar acted out and explained. - 23rd October arranged by Peggie Broadhead and entitled 'Scenes from Julius Caesar' Act 1 Scene 2 of Julius Caesar acted out and explained.


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