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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Haslam

: 2009/008/2/2

: Film taken on an African Safari

: [c.1951-1953]

: General description This film shows scenes taken at a safari, but probably a separate occasion from the safari in 2009/008/2/1 as this is in a semi-tropical setting. Detailed description Opening with wide view of cars driving uphill, mountain ranges and thatched huts in distance, and 2 Africans walking on a track. Cluster of huts in close-up - one large, 2 outbuildings. Flowering shrubs and fertile fields in distance. Lake in distinctive crater shape (this could be the Ngongoro Crater and its lodge which Haslam mentions in his notes) with village of thatched huts. At the lake, a group of approx. 4 African adults (one woman in bright dress) and 3 children. Distant waterfalls. Looking down at broad street on causeway to small island on the Lake, where there are many parked cars. A gathering of large number of local people, general view of farmland gives way to tiled roofed single storey building with flagpole and flag (black, yellow, red) and 2 khaki clad officials. Sunset and distant mountains, silhouette of semi-tropical vegetation. 02:29 Villagers with cattle and carrying water before opening out into elephants and water buffalo - elephant spraying itself. At the water's edge large herd of hippo wallowing and yawning. Camera follows large tusked elephant as it ambles through tall grass. Herd of elephants, including young calves. The sequence is leisurely, following the huge mammals, and catches a flock of pelicans on the Lake edge and a terrapin. 08:04 Group of 3 men and 3 children, surrounding sign in French saying: '[?] de Lubero, Equateur, Altitude 2200m, Don des Farines de Froment GMK Luberon'. Looking across to substantial red-tiled houses below hill ridge and cultivated fields. Views of ostriches, antelope herd (wildebeest?), jackal, hippo in the river, and flock of 7 ostriches running away. Giraffe, elephant and horned rhino. 11:22 Hatted man creeps in front of the camera and squats down to film, no doubt just as our film-maker is doing. The rhino has paused. At the river, a great flock of bats as evening falls. 13:00 Close-up of elephant feeding and distant snow-capped peak. Large herd of elephants, including very juvenile calves in distance and then back to feeding elephants, pulling branches with trunk. Fades out to view of jackals.

Tanzania, Tanganyika

: 1 film 16mm digitised

: Item

: 1 film in metal can. Major vinegar syndrome. Running time: 16:00mins Length: 400ft colour and b/w silent