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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Haslam

: 2009/008/2/6

: Film taken at Lake Geneva showing alpine views and waterfalls

: [c.1950s]

: General description This film was probably taken on a trip to Lake Geneva in early spring, when waterfalls are at their most spectacular due to recent snowmelt. Good views of mountains and valleys from cable cars/chairlifts. Detailed description The first image is of plunging water which shifts to a snowy mountainside, upwards to a chairlift, and downwards to a glacier, then a shot of spring flowers in a meadow. A train climbs up past Tyrolean-style chalets. Vistas of snowy peaks and chairlifts, back down to green meadows and more wildflowers. Scenes near a lake and waterfalls. 06:08 The film-maker shows a variety of chairlifts and a funicular. 07:12 From the lake, looking back to the mountains. Shots of trains coming into a station, and then views of the mountains, and some powerful waterfalls. again, looking at waterfalls. An evident fascination with powerful torrents 09:07 Especially strong torrents of water. Views of city [Geneva] on lake. City streets by waterfront and spectacular bridge. The last section is from the lake, looking at views framed with spring blossom.



: File

: 1 film in metal can. Running time: 16:01mins Length: 400ft colour silent

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