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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Haslam

: 2009/008/2/7

: Scenes at Niagara Falls and Expo 67 in Canada, and Kew Gardens in the UK

: 1967

: General description The first part of this film was shot in Canada and shows Niagara Falls and a visit to Expo 67 in Montreal. Later there are scenes possibly taken in Scotland and an extended stroll in Kew Gardens, London. Detailed description A magnificent waterfall opens this film, with silhouetted high-rise buildings on the horizon. This is Niagara Falls and the Skylon Observatory, which was built in 1965. Long shots of water massing at the brink of the Falls. 03:26 Bright floral beds in a garden with three women wearing dresses of late 1960s style. A lake, with cabins and water-skiing at a recreational resort. This is followed by a city street scene, a tall skyscraper and bus terminus. 05:12 Sight of a large dome which is the geodesic dome designed for the Montreal World Fair Expo 67. Mini-rail linking pavilions is in view, presumably these images were taken from a mini-rail car. Pavilions include Ontario, Mexico, Britain. 06.35 A family group of a woman and with two girls in shorts, one piggy-backing the other. In the background low American Cadillac-type cars. A sandy shore, a family picnic and beach games. 07:24 City park, a riverside and 3 women again, elegantly dressed. A highway and arrival at a large lake, one of the women poses by the shore with a handbag. 09.39 Small green car filmed being driven along road by lake fringed with yellow iris [Scotland?]. View over little harbour from arched window at substantial buildings of baronial style. Hillside with rhododendrum up which walks the woman who appears earlier in the film. There is a long sequence of distant mountains, snow on flanks, and edge of a lake. 13:40 In cultivated gardens, popular with visitors and identifiable as Kew Gardens when the great palm-house is filmed. Late summer as roses are dying. Families are well-dressed and formal.

Canada, UK

: 1 film 16mm digitised

: Item

: 1 film in metal can. Running time: 16:16mins Length: 400ft colour silent

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