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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Haslam

: 2009/008/2/8

: Film taken during visit to India

: [c.1950s]

: General description This film begins with an elaborate procession, perhaps to mark a significant national day in India. This may be an all-India event as Cochin and Pondicherry are named on floats but also North India. There is a sequence filmed in New Delhi and Agra, and the film finishes in Bombay. Detailed description Film starts with close up of young woman, and pans down over mountainside to a lake, houses, a terraced hillside above another smaller lake. This is immediately followed by a long sequence filming an elaborate parade, beginning with a procession of mounted soldiers on camels, followed by marching soldiers and a marching band. Guards [Sikhs] line the processional route, at ease in khaki. 01:13 Several richly-caparisoned elephants process, carrying elaborately dressed persons riding in howdahs. 01:22 Float carrying Buddhist monks blowing long horns and carrying effigies of stupas and temples. This is followed by tractor-drawn cart and elaborately costumed person waving. The side of the cart says 'Travancore Cochin'. Further floats follow, referencing Hindi deities - an avatar-like swan/bird could refer to Parvati, another float carries fertile crops surmounted by a goddess-like figure. Further floats depicting a sailing boat, spinning and weaving at looms, dancers, tea picking, military inflatables, float with large black stallion and floating lotus on a pond, flowers filled with people, float carrying a model mountain and skiers, musicians in a jungle, and a float for Pondicherry (the French protectorate). 02:51 Party of well-dressed Indians and Europeans arrive at a large house and on close-up, several appear to be ordained clerics (Christian). A woman is presented with a basket of flowers by small child and she is introduced by the main cleric and makes a speech. There is some sort of event like a garden fete with hoop-la stall, darts, children running around and western women dressed in tailored costumes. 04:33 New Delhi and the grand Lutyens-esque buildings of government house, former Viceroy lodge. View to India Arch. 05:14 Hamuyans Tomb and two children, on bicycles earlier, now running around the gardens. 06:22 Taj Mahal. There are no westerners in view as the crowds move along the central canal. Long sequence of shots of Taj Mahal. 08:00 Two children sit together on a wall in front of the fort at Agra. In close-up they appear to be Indian, wearing western dress. There is a view of the Taj Mahal through the window where Sha Jahan is said to have been imprisoned. Further views of the fort 09:39 Group are seated with two priests. 09:58 Mumbai with corner of the Taj hotel. Affluent area close to Chowpatty beach, London-type double decker buses, trams. 11:14 Victoria station terminus in Bombay in typical Indo-Saracenic architectural style.


: 1 film 16mm digitised

: Item

: 1 film in metal can. Running time: 14:00mins Length: 300ft colour silent

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