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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Haslam

: 2009/008/2/9

: Safari to Lake Amboseli

: [c.1950s]

: General description This film reflects the life of Indians in Africa with detailed close-ups of a large group travelling together on an expedition, which includes game drives, a sequence of a cricket match, picnics, and a flag-raising ceremony, as a prelude to the laying of a foundation stone. Family life and relationships between the generations are frequently glimpsed, and there are details of clothing and transport. Film begins with boxes and packages assembled in front of truck painted with sign Nairobi to Lake Amboseli. Group of Indians descend steps of modern building (opening with one child, one young woman in shalwar kameez, 3 men). More women in saris join group. Side of truck painted with sign 'Sayed Omer and Bros, Kajaido'. [Kajaido is a town in Kenya 80km from Nairobi]. 03:00 Monkeys in trees and long shot of elephants at close range, large tusked bull elephant and young calves. Quality of film is poor. Antelope appear, rhino and calf in distance. 03:23 Young woman in shalwar kameez stands on top of truck with 6 men and 3 women in saris, most looking through binoculars. Later, group enlarged now, seated under palm thatch shelter and it becomes clear that there is a cricket match going on. This is filmed at some length, with cuts to groups of school children, mostly Indian, and the spectators sitting in the shade of the shelter. Buildings which look like residential bungalows surround the pitch. 06:22 Waterfall in leafy valley, pans to boulder-strewn river, and small seated group. Next frame shows a warning 'Stay in your Car'. Distant shapes of gnu, ostrich, giraffe. 08:54 Close-up of lioness and cubs. 10:12 A crocodile basks on riverbank where hippo is submerging. Shot of road on hillside, with parked cars, and then view across plains to distant hills, panning round to high mountain peak. Group pose in open sided truck, with Coca Cola logo emblazoned on door. Bonnet of engine is propped up. 12:15 More shots of game, herd of elephant and giraffe, and a horned rhino at speed. Large herd of zebra and springbok cross the vista. 12:58 Woman in patterned sari with 2 small boys seated on fallen tree. Large flock of vultures around animal corpse. Giraffe, zebra and waterfalls. Long shot of dramatic series of falls before close up of Indian woman cooking and ladling food. Large party eating traditionally with finger scoop, chapattis. More long shots of waterfalls [in Amboseli National Park?]. 15:21 Cars have halted outside an Anglicised church, close-up of stone carvings, one of Christ, another of 2 antelope drinking at a waterfall above the words Crux dum volvitur [translates as part of a Carthusian motto - The cross is steady whilst the world is turning]. More animals, including a herd of cows, before the party are filmed scrambling down a slope to picnic beside a river. Group of young men clamber over makeshift bridge (treetrunk) and paddle in a stream. 18:04 Larger group of men together with thatched village huts in background; two are carrying rifles. The group climbs into an open truck. 18:17 In a change of location, a larger group of Indian men and women are gathered, well-dressed, and many in Indian dress. A car halts and a woman in a sari emerges, to be presented with a bouquet from a child. The group gather around a flagpole and the Indian flag is raised. A building under construction is glimpsed in background as a large group gather around the flag, including an elderly Sikh with a long beard. Close-up of workmen with a trowel and the woman in the sari is then presented with a trowel. She appears to be laying a foundation stone.