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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Haslam

: 2009/008/2/11

: Film taken at the Murchison Falls and the Equator

: [c.1950s]

: General description This film shows another expedition to see waterfalls and game at Murchison Falls and Lake Albert. There are some interesting images of Africans, and also of long horned cattle on the Jampala-Masaka road which the Equator intersects. Detailed description Film opens with close-up of spectacular waterfall, and moves to view of 3 men on edge of falls. Twilight on river with close-ups of crocodile and watering elephants and hippo. This may be Murchison Falls. 02:05 View of boat on which the group will be travelling. 04:30 Daytime, with elephants, a hippo descending to the water, wading birds and crocodiles. The boat is sailing through lake channels with a good view of animals on shore. 06:22 More waterfalls, suspension bridge over river and semi-derelict dockyard/pontoon. Group of five Indians, four male and one woman, looking out over the river. More views of falls, rapids, small dam bridge on river. 08:06 Sign which reads 'THE EQUATOR, SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE', and Kampala-Masaka roadworks [the Equator crosses through Uganda at this point]. An African cycles along the road, with a woman pillion passenger on the back of the bike, followed by several African women, one with a goat. This is being filmed from within a car. 08:44 Man pushing a bicycle followed by a herd of long horned cattle [Uganda Ankole cattle]. Wide panning shot across a valley and towards a lake. The final shot is beside the lake, watching a fishing boat.



: File

: 1 film with box labelled 'Uganda, Murchison Falls'. Running time: 10:26mins Length: 300ft colour and b/w silent

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