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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Haslam

: 2009/008/2/4

: Film of Sea Voyage from Europe to Africa

: [c.1950s]

: General description This film was taken during a sea voyage, travelling from Europe to Africa via the Suez Canal. Detailed description Northern European city [Rotterdam] from the water, a boat trip past working wharves and under bridges. Flag of red, white and green. Central Station, showing modern architecture and trams. 03:30 Tulip fields excursion. 05:25 From the sea, looking at land which is very hilly, then from inland, looking down at very large harbour with jetties and ships. Indian man and child seen on edge of film pointing out landmarks. Red tiled roofs, and below, an airstrip with aeroplane taking off. Shots of cannon so this may be a fort. Ship sails from the port at Gibraltar past limestone cliffs, through Straits of Gibraltar, along North African coastline, to another large port with the Atlas mountains in distance. Fishing dhows on sea. Coming into port [Port Said?] with rowing boats of hawkers looking up to ship, beckoning at their goods. 11:00 Shore excursion to the pyramids and Sphinx. Camels, traders, not many tourists. Views of Cairo, modern facade of hotel, the Great Mosque. Finally, sailing through the Suez Canal, irrigated fields to one side, desert to the other. On the ocean, final view of large passenger liner with decks full with people.

Netherlands, Egypt


: File

: 1 film in metal can. Running time: 15.36mins Length: 400ft colour silent

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