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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Winthrop

: 2001/243/1

: Photographs

: 1905-1945

: These photographs cover a significant proportion of the life and career of Brigadier Winthrop. The majority are contained within six albums, five of which detail aspects of his military career. Two of these (2001/243/1/1/2-3) provide a particularly rich record of his activities when consulted in conjunction with his diaries and other material in the paper archives. The majority of the loose photographs cover the same events and time periods. Apart from the childhood photograph album of Winthrop's wife, and accompanying postcards in the loose photographs section, there is very little family photographic material, and very little from the middle portion of his career (late 1920s-30s).

India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Mesopotamia

: 6 volumes, 1 envelope

: Series


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