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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Winthrop

: 2001/243/1/2

: Loose Photographs

: [1920]-[1940]

: The images in this folder were donated along with the photograph albums, and in many cases depict the same subjects as images within those albums. The photographs cover a wide time period and include: - images of a military parade in Peshawar - a number of postcards previously belonging to Eileen Winthrop (nee Mackey) as a child, mostly of Church House School in Worthing - 2 group photographs of the Sikh Brigade hockey team in India (1926) and Baghdad (undated). The second of these has names of those pictured captioned on the reverse - a group photograph of British military officers including Winthrop, possibly from the early 1920s - 3 aerial views of Manston aerodrome in Kent - a number of small prints and one negative depicting Winthrop's activities in the early 1920s, chiefly images of military camps and groups of soldiers - a studio portrait of Winthrop in uniform, probably early 1920s - a page of photographs extracted from an album, dated 1928-29, depicting Winthrop, his first wife Doreen, and family friends

India, Iraq, Mesopotamia

: 1 envelope

: File

: 57 print photographs and 1 negative, mostly in fair condition.

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