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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Winthrop

: 2001/243/1/1/2

: Winthrop's early career - Iraq and India

: 1915-1923

: This album is one of two which contain photographs from the early part of Winthrop's military career, from WW1 through his time as ADC to Lieutenant Maclagan in India to his service in Iraq in the 1920s. The albums overlap in terms of their chronological scope, and many of the same subjects and events are featured in both albums. This album appears to follow a broadly chronological order, although the captions stop around half way through. The album contains images of Winthrop's voyage out to India on the SS Mongolia in 1915 to join R.M.C. Wellington, and several images of Wellington itself, Multan and the School of Musketry in Pachmarhi. There follow a number of images from Winthrop's service in the Mesopotamian campaign of World War 1, including images of troops and local scenes around Sheikh Saad, Baghdad, Basra, Bushehr, Amara and Samarra. Of particular interest are images of trenches and landscapes during the Battle of Sharqat against Turkish forces, described by Winthrop in an account in 2001/243/2/2. These include images of Fattah Gorge, a stranded Turkish boat at Mushak and the grave of 2nd Lieutenant Irving. After WW1 the photographs depict Winthrop's life as ADC to the Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab, Edward Maclagan. There are images of the official residences Barnes Court and Danes Folly (Simla) and Government House (Lahore), Maclagan himself, social occasions with groups of friends (often identified in captions by their initials), "tourist" shots around Lahore and official engagements. These include visits to Attock, Mianwali and Rawalpindi, and photographs showing British officials with senior Sikhs and local leaders including the Nawab of Kalabagh. There are also images which, although uncaptioned, may depict Maclagan's installation. The official and unofficial images of Rawalpindi, showing the Chaklala Review, were taken during the visit of Prince Arthur, the Duke of Connaught. There are also images from around this time of Winthrop's home leave in Britain. The remainder of the photographs in the album are from Winthrop's second stint of active service in Mesopotamia during the early 1920s. There are a number of shots of Baghdad, and military group scenes including Winthrop and comrades in camp and at sporting events. There are images of early armoured cars, marked "HMAC Sikh", and of marches across rough terrain, probably part of the advance on Baghdad. There are several images of the Arch of Ctesiphon. Of particular note in this section are images of Sikh soldiers and equipment with an early biplane, part of the airlift of troops from Kingarban to Kirkuk in February 1923 during a Kurdish uprising, the first ever strategic airlift of troops. These images were probably obtained by Winthrop from a third party as the same images feature in a news cutting in 2001/243/2/1, however the album also contains what appear to be Winthrop's own images of the planes. There are further scenes from the conflict, including Sikh troops in a city which appears to be Kirkuk, with its citadel and Qishla. The final images in the album depict the unveiling of General Maude's statue in Baghdad in December 1923, and a display of sports cups won by the Sikh regiment 1922-23.

India, Iraq, Iran, Mesopotamia

: 1 volume

: File

: 1 bound volume containing 95 pages of sepia and b/w photographs. These have been glued into the album and around half are captioned in white ink on the black pages. The binding is loose, and around one third of the pages have become detached from the metal bolts which hold the rest of the pages in place.

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