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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Sitwell

: 2003/071/1/1/1

: Mid-Victorian album

: c. 1840 - c.1880

: This Sitwell family album contains photographs and prints appearing to date from the middle part of the C19th, presumed to have ended up with the effects of Sir Sidney Sitwell. The album contains a mixture of family portraits dating from the earliest days of photography, photographs taken overseas - most notably in India - and prints/ plates of historical events. Further research would be needed to identify all the individuals within the album, who appear to come from several branches of the Sitwell family and their associates. However, many of the images appear connected to Captain Harold Cooper Sitwell, bachelor uncle of Sir Sidney. The portraits include his siblings Francis, William, Honorius (HS) and Anna and several portraits of "Father" and "Mother", believed to be William Hurt Sitwell and his wife Sarah, Sir Sidney's grandparents. Other featured members of the extended family are Lady Susan Sitwell and her daughter Blanche, and also members of the Tait, Campbell and Clinton families. Harold Cooper Sitwell was a member of the 91st Highlanders, and numerous photographs of the regiment feature in the album, including group photographs with Colonel Bertie Gordon and other officers and a number of portrait shots of soldiers from the 91st Highlanders and other regiments. There is also a photograph of the exterior of Stirling Castle, HQ of the 91st Highlanders. Further group shots include the Officers of Left Wing School of Musketry, Hythe, 1861, and groups of friends including a picnic or outdoor gathering in Cannes, 1864. There are a number of portraits of young men and women, probably acquaintances of Sitwell, all members of the Victorian aristocracy. There is a shot of the exterior of a stately home annotated "Barmoor Castle W.H. Sitwell", a Northumbrian mansion acquired by Francis Hurt Sitwell and lived in by several generations of his family, and another of Renishaw Hall, Derbyshire, the main Sitwell family seat. Later images include studio shots of "Cashmere" and the Ganges near its source from the Bourne studios, and a photograph of the Memorial Well at Cawnpore with the caption "In Memoriam". Harold Cooper Sitwell fought with the 91st Highlanders at the Second Battle of Cawnpore in November -December 1857, and the image of the well is preceded by 2 prints of "before" and "after" the "attack" which may refer to this battle. There are also a number of copies on photographic paper of pen and ink drawings of the Battle of Bareilly, 1858, possibly sketched by Harold Cooper Sitwell himself as he fought in the battle and the quality of his sketches are mentioned in at least one contemporary source ("With H.M. 9th Lancers During The Indian Mutiny - The Letters Of Brevet-Major Octavius H. S. G. Anson"); some can also be found in the archives of the National Army Museum. Finally there are images of Simla in 1866 and a mosque at Agra. The album also contains a number of touristic images of France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Ceylon. The prints within the album include artists' impressions of military attacks, mainly the Napoleonic wars, and events from history including the crucifixion, Marie Antoinette in prison and the Battle of Worcester during the Civil War. There are a number of additional photographs and prints which bear no annotation, and a sketch inside the back cover of the album of an "improved rig for a lugger." Insertions into the front of the album include several small watercolour images and an 1895 postcard written in Romanian to a Moritz W. Rosenthal in Braila.

UK, India, Ceylon, Sri Lanka, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland

: 1 volume

: File

: 1 hard-backed volume bound in dark green leather and embossed with gold decoration, containing 72 cardboard pages, most of which have sepia photographs glued to them. The spine is weak and a number of the pages have become detached. The edges of many of the pages are also crumbling. The majority of the images are accompanied by manuscript annotations in ink pen. Both photographs and captions are considerably faded.

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