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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Sitwell

: 2003/071/1/1/4

: Victoria Memorial, Calcutta

: c. 1921

: This album is a souvenir type album, presumably purchased by a member of the Sitwell family. A sticker inside the album reads "Photographs by Johnston and Hoffmann", a well-known firm of photographers operating in late Victorian and Edwardian Kolkata. As Hoffmann died in December 1921 (Johnston having died in 1891) it is possible that he himself took the photographs, although the studios carried on for many years afterwards. The fourteen images show a selection of interior and exterior views of the newly completed Victoria Memorial, begun in 1906 after a subscription appeal by Lord Curzon and opened to the public in 1921. Some of the images appear to show the memorial in the final stages of landscaping, whereas others show the completely finished version. There is also one image of the interior where a cloth or dust sheet appears to be strewn across the floor, although the fittings, paintings etc are all in place. Many of the highlights of the memorial's collections shown here are still on show today, such as Vereshchagin's 1876 painting The Elephant Procession and Queen Victoria's writing desk and piano.


: 1 volume

: File

: 1 hard-backed volume bound in black leather containing 36 pages, of which 14 have b/w photographs glued to them. The covers are embossed with gold decoration, and "Victoria Memorial Calcutta" is written in gold on the front.

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