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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Sitwell

: 2003/071/1/1/5

: Loose photographs - Rangoon

: c. 1918 - c. 1940

: These loose photographs are additional to the albums collated by Sir Sidney Sitwell, and all except one are marked with the stamp of the photographer's studio "D.A. Ahuja, Rangoon." The images include a group photograph of the Asian and European staff of the Bank of Bengal in Rangoon, with Sir Sidney seated. A caption on reverse reads "Rangoon Branch 1918" and was possibly taken during Sitwell's 1918-19 tour of the Bank's branches. The other images taken by D. A. Ahuja's studios are of a garden party where smartly dressed guests mingle next to a large marquee, again probably c. 1918, and a group of British soldiers lined up on drill. Their uniforms suggest a later date than WW1, possibly WW2, and there are three prints of the same photograph - one is a close-up of one portion of the full image. The final image, which is not dated or captioned but possibly also taken in Myanmar, shows a long boat with c. 25 men standing up with oars, possibly during a race.

Myanmar, Burma

: 6 photographs

: File

: 6 sepia photographs

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