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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Wright

: 2000/084/2/1

: Photographs

: c. 1860 - 1911

: These photographs, belonging to Wright ancestors, were donated with Armine Wright's material. One album, one partial album and an envelope of postcards (2000/084/2/1/2-4) belonged to Wright's father, Eric Blackwood Wright. Born into a large family, E.B. Wright was educated at Trinity College Dublin before being called to the Bar. He was Chief Justice of the Seychelles from 1905 - c. 1909, before being transferred to Trinidad where ACAW was born in 1910. He introduced various legal reforms to the colony, and published an English translation of the French civil code. The albums cover his European travels as a bachelor and photographs from his posting in the Seychelles, as well as family photographs and ephemera. The postcards are all from the Seychelles. One album (2000/084/2/1/1) is of uncertain provenance, and contains photographs of mid-Victorian Bermuda. It was possibly in the possession of Walter Matthew Steele, Mrs Blanche Wright's maternal grandfather, who was born and brought up in Guyana.

Bermuda, Caribbean, Seychelles, South Africa, Europe

: 3 volumes, 1 envelope

: Series


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