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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Wright

: 2000/084/2/1/1

: Bermuda album

: c. 1860

: This album contains 12 pages of photographs from Victorian Bermuda. Its provenance is unclear, but it can be dated to before 1865 from the photograph of the prison hulk HMS Medway, said in a caption to house 700 convicts, which was in use from 1847-1865. There are several other photographs of the Dockyard at Ireland Island, including the barracks, Commissioner's House and cemetery. There are also photographs of St George's Harbour, the ferry between St George's and Hamilton, Flatt's Village, Fort Catherine and the Cathedral. One of the photographs is of "our house", suggesting that an ancestor of the Wright family, possibly with a military connection, lived in Bermuda.

Bermuda, Caribbean

: 1 volume

: File

: 1 small hardbacked photograph album containing 20 pages, 12 of which have sepia images glued to them. There is an index to the photographs on page 2, containing a list of manuscript captions. Some of the interleaving tissue paper pages are ripped or have small holes.

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