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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Wright

: 2000/084/2/1/2

: Eric B. Wright album 1

: 1893-1909

: This album belonged to Eric Blackwood Wright, ACAW's father. The majority of photographs in the album are of EBW's travels around tourist spots in the UK, Ireland, and Europe (Jersey, Northern France, Belgium and Germany). Most of these were purchased from studios although some appear to have been taken by Wright himself. There are also a number of postcards from the same destinations. There are also photographs and articles relating to family members, and towards the end of the album photographs from the Seychelles. Highlights of the European photographs include an image of Queen Victoria during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and several images of EBW with Liverpudleian submarine miners on board a ship. There are also various captioned and uncaptioned photographs of family members and friends. Although many of the tourist images are stock, some of them feature rural landscapes and communities away from the usual tourist trail and as such give an insight into EBW's interests. Family material includes several photographs of EBW's brother, Major General Henry Wright, taken during the Boer War where he served with the Royal Engineers, his wife, known within the family as Ndogo ("the small one"), and their daughter Elsie, as well as printed sketches of the 1897 storming of Dargai during the 2nd Battle of Malakand. There is also an Illustrated London News clipping relating to Professor Almroth Wright, another of EBW's brothers and a doctor at St Mary's Hospital who served on the Indian Plague Commission. There is a photograph of their mother, Ebba Almroth, as a young woman, and another taken at her wedding in 1859. There are also photographs of EBW at home in Heswall, Cheshire, and Boxmoor House, home of his grandmother Lady Alicia Blackwood. There is a set of postcards and other images from Port Said and Djibouti before the last section of the album is devoted to images of the Seychelles, 1905-1907, several of them featuring EBW himself. There are many images of the landscape and places of interest, including the forests, Botanic Gardens, Mount Sebert, Government House (including EBW "supervising alterations"), the Clock Tower and Court House, Mamelles, Praslin, St Annes, Belair, rock formations at La Digue, views along Niol Rd and Capucin Rd,a panoramic view taken from the verandah of Chateau Margot and another of the harbour area, and photographs of the annual measuring of giant turtles. There are several group shots of expatriate families, including one of a cricket team, and one of an outdoor lunch party with both Europeans and local inhabitants. There are also several images of trips and picnics around the islands, including one at Coco de Mer Valley, and a view of Victoria with "my house" annotated. Other colonial officials, including the Governor Walter Davidson and Chief Medical Officer Joseph Addison are featured. A news clipping featuring EBW at Empire Day Celebrations 1907 has also been inserted into the album. There are several insertions into the album, including a school photograph from the mid C20th and a set of small sepia photographs which look to be from the Seychelles. Additional photograhs of the Seychelles can be found in 2000/084/2/1/3.

UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Egypt, Djibouti, Seychelles, South Africa

: 1 volume

: File

: 1 large, hard-backed bound volume with 158 pages, all of which have b/w photographs glued to them. Many of the images carry manuscript captions. There is some (old) insect damage to a number of the papes, and although the exterior binding seems sound some of the pages have become detached.

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