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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Lang Brown

: 2001/291/1/9/11

: Timber Stand Improvement in Kalinzu Forest

: 1963

: Two Ugandan Forest Rangers apply herbicide to the trunk of a tree in Kalinzu Forest; a process known as Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) that is designed to cull unwanted, non-timber trees from natural forest regeneration after logging. Ankole, South West Uganda, September 1963. Original caption: Kalinzu Sept '63 F/R Kanyankore supervises a sprayer. Later caption: Kalinzu Forest, Ankole. Nyakarwana supervises the spraying of unwanted - non-timber - trees with "Finopal" in diesel oil. This was a blend of 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D. The process, known as "Timber Stand Improvement" (TSI), had been perfected in other forests, and I was introducing it to Kalinzu.


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