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: British Empire & Commonwealth

: Wright

: 2000/084/1/1/4

: Pictures additional to Somalia album

: c. 1926 - c. 1942

: The 177 images in this series were found within a larger series of loose photographs when this collection was donated, but all appear, both from their subject matter and the backing paper stuck to them, to have originated in the Somalia album 2000/084/1/1/3. Over half of the images had been kept in plastic wallets labelled "Somalia-Mogadishu 1942" by BECM, the same caption as on the first page of the album. Many of them can be matched to rips inside the album, but it has not been possible to restore them completely as so many entire pages are missing. As with the album, these photographs appear to have been mostly collected from the Italian headquarters, and originally seem to have been part of an attempt to classify and document the colonised region, as many images are categorised into groups such as Flora, Vita Somala or the names of areas. Many bear either the stamp Gabinetto Fotografico del Governo della Somalia or the labels of the Governo della Somalia Italiana on which captions have been printed. These are mixed in with postcards and other images which bear Wright's annotations, and may have been obtained from other sources. Like the album images, the photographs here are a mixture of local people engaged in their daily lives alongside their animals and homes, scenery and places of interest. They include the River Juba, animals at watering holes, men wrestling with a hunted crocodile in the river and a close-up shot of a crocodile emerging from its egg. There is a panorama annotated by Wright as believed to be the Oddo region, and scenery near Bardera, Burhakaba, Baidoa, Gesira, Awdhegele and in the valley of the Shebelle river near Beledweyne (Belet Uen). There are a small number of portraits of individuals and families, but fewer than in the album. There is one image of a 1934 show at Burhakaba. There are a large number of street scenes, including views in Mogadishu, Kismayo, Merca, Giumbo and Barawa. These feature historic and ruined buildings including the Almnara Tower in Mogadishu, the tower and fort at Baidoa and several mosques including the Giama mosque in Mogadishu. There are also a number of images of tombs, (including those of Sheriff Abdulrahman at Merca, Ali Yusuf Sultan Obbia at Mogadishu and Sheikh Muhadin bin Sheikh Mukarram in Hamarwen, Mogadishu), sacred carvings and architectural features, including a reconstructed copy of the doorway of the mosque at Furka Din. There are numerous images of the Somali coastline, coastal buildings and views out to sea, as well as an image, possibly from wartime, of the road from Mogadishu to the "3rd vehicle depot".


: 2 folders

: Series

: 177 b/w and sepia photographs and postcards. A few have been cut and neary all bear the signs of ripped backing paper where they have been removed from the pages of the album. Many carry annotations on the reverse from their time in use by the Italian Colonial Administration.

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